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Lavelle Study Abroad offers a range of services to help students pursue their dreams of studying abroad. We provide extensive support to students throughout the entire study abroad process.


Our efficiently trained consultants conduct exclusive sessions to assist students in choosing the best courses based on their field of education & profile in the leading countries across the globe. Candidates are given complete assistance with the available scholarships and job opportunities on their course and the country of interest. We guide them on all options regarding sponsorship, accommodation, work opportunities and country-specific regulations. Our counsellors build comradeship with candidates to clarify their doubts & build confidence in them. The motto is to keep all discussions transparent. We make sure that the candidates feel comfortable discussing their opinions to get placed in a university they are glad to enrol them.


Our experts help candidates find, apply and enrol at the Best Universities Abroad. We supervise their dreams by guiding candidates to make a professional Statement of Purpose by providing samples for Letters of Recommendation and assisting throughout the application process. As part of the Post application and acceptance, we help them to make safe and secure fee payments to the Universities to confirm their admission. We are quick, responsive and professional with our approach backed by unparalleled selection, convenience and expert advice.

people sitting on chair in front of table while holding pens during daytime
people sitting on chair in front of table while holding pens during daytime
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person holding pencil near laptop computer
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person writing on brown wooden table near white ceramic mug



  • GRE



  • GMAT

GERMAN - German is not only spoken in Germany but also spoken in Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Italy, France, Hungary, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, The United States of America, Chile, Norway, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela. German is the second most widely spoken Germanic language after English. Today, Germany's leading position in the global economy gives us another important reason to learn German. The German economy is the largest in Europe, and Germany has the world's fourth largest economy, behind the United States, China, and Japan.

  • The levels to learning German,

  • Level A1: Beginners and False Beginners. After completing this level, one can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and standard phrases.

  • Level A2: Basic German Knowledge.

  • Level B1: Pre-Intermediate.

  • Level B2: Intermediate.

  • Level C1: Upper Intermediate.

  • Level C2: Advanced.


Our experienced team provide complete guidance and assists with visa documentation and bank loan processing. Candidates are also briefed on the visa process and provided specific instructions about connecting with the nearest High Commission or Embassy of that country. We assist candidates in procuring the admit letter from the most eligible universities, guide them in organizing all the documents required while filing for the student visa and ensure that candidates have sufficient money to meet their living expenses while overseas.


We assist our candidates in getting the education Loan for Studying Abroad from our reputed partner banks & NBFCs at the best plans available in the market. We help them get the loans as quickest as possible without any collateral at the lowest rate of interest possible & low processing fees.

a hand holding a book
a hand holding a book
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fan of 100 U.S. dollar banknotes
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person standing in front of store


We also provide foreign exchange services from our Forex partner. Fee Payments for all universities across the globe.

  • Flywire &Western Union Payments.

  • GIC

  • Blocked Account

  • Personal account transfer for living and maintenance.

  • Forex Cards

  • Currencies